Sunday, April 12, 2009

I need some romantic phrases for my wife for our wedding anniversary?

Our wedding anniversary is coming up in a few weeks. I have always come up with something unique and special to say on the card I send her with flowers.

To give you an example, several months ago it was the anniversay of our first kiss...I know guys normally don%26#039;t remember stuff like that, but I do! Here is what I said on the card, %26quot;Today, it has been fourteen years since our first kiss and the memory of that is still brand new to me%26quot;

I am having a little difficulty in coming up with something for our anniversay, can you guys give me some ideas or suggestions to work with?

I want something very special and powerful to sweep her off her feet...all over again!

Many thanks in advance and of course I will select a best answer!

I need some romantic phrases for my wife for our wedding anniversary?
I think the best thing to do take some the ideas given, blend them into your life and come up with something new and original.
Reply:Hmmm...a couple options:

%26quot;I never dared to dream for a love so deep, complete and fulfilling as what I%26#039;ve found with you.%26quot;


%26quot;I wanted to tell you how much I love you but but there aren%26#039;t any words that can fully express how soul deep my feelings for you go.%26quot;
Reply:Justin Timberlake sings my love, look the words up and I am telling you if you love your wife you will find something in these words to say on you anniversary.
Reply:It may be cheating, but it can very definatly keep those home fires burning HOT

My husband and I have been together for 9 yrs. He sent me flowers with a hand written note that said

You are the light of my life, The day I married you was the best and happiest day of my life, It just keeps getting better
Reply:Fourteen years ago you became my wife my life my lover my best friend who i will love until my days are gone.
Reply:Try some Shakespeare the writer was over the top good.
Reply:isnt this cheating, like on a test or something like that

Reply:I could say alot here.

Alot has happened in 14 years.

Alot of people don%26#039;t even survive their marriage for 14 years.

But in looking for the perfect thing to say to you, I could find nothing more true and nothing more sincere than:


................have any friends as romantic as you
Reply:Make is sweet, short and simple..... Honey I love you, and nothing in this world could make me happier than to know that our love will go on forever.......... you bring a smile to my heart.....short ,simple....... very sweet......
Reply:how about something like %26quot; I once made a promise to you and today I would like to recommit myself to you. I will continue every day to take you as my wife to have to hold, to love to and to cherish........I still do!%26quot;

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